Reclaiming own Authority: Healing Self-Sabotage & Deservingness

Through the intense & wild ride of healing, growth, and acceptance, there are moments in which we tend to unconsciously self-sabotage our own process, simply because that seed of doubt has been buried so so deep, whether those seeds have been planted through ancestry, through (social) media manipulation, imposter guides/mentors/coaches, indoctrination, etc., the doubt will rise closer and closer to surface for us to face when we are will only rise because the self deserves to have it released, deserves to reclaim own sovereignty and own authority and governance over Self.

When we hold shame and self-condem because we perceive that holding certain negative templates or self-sabotaging means we are less than, less worthy, less capable, etc., these are all simply untrue. The most aligned and integrous action is to become aware, release, and forgive these patterns however they've been planted.

People tend to hit major blocks when they begin equating success=luck. There is no such thing as Luck. By giving credit to "Luck," it begins to create separation amongst consciousness and feeds entitlement complexities out into individuated consciousness, furthering division by instilling the belief that Luck plays a role in someone's success, status, capability. This is what creates stagnation within our own field and stops beings from truly stepping into own highest embodiment to reclaim divine gifts simply because we do not believe we have the "luck."

It is the beings who believe in "luck" on a deep deep level, who may begin housing hatred for others success/talent--that they will be drawn to creating own artificial and stolen diamonds. They will submit to shortcuts and deceit simply because they cannot do the real organic work. These things (success, talent, status, etc), can be faked and bought in this fallen world. In a world where beings are willing to be bought for a making evident the true lack of integrity and self-honor. Without personal integrity and self-honor, the divine cannot reach us, and will not be able to awaken us to our own highest timeline and self...which is why so many are on vulture mode for a moment of Fame/sign their name to something or someone they do not fully understand the extent of what they are signing their name over to.

True and organic success/capabilities/abilities/talent, are birthed from hard earned work, sacrifice, and dedication to Self. It is standing back up even though the self has fallen numerous times, got scratched and bruised, faced tons of blocks, rage, resentment...but regardless of the difficulty, to choose to get the eff back up. To not submit to an easy path towards success, but willing to do the work to earn and anchor that success in. A form of self-sabotage also includes the moments in which we perceive that our external success if supposed to look a certain way (unconscious comparison), and when it does not--we become disappointed/disconnected.

The Egoic layer/personality consciousness tends to perceive Luck and places "Luck" on a pedestal, believing that others have what they have simply because "God loves them more." or "They got lucky..." These are excuses and self-created phantom blocks to soothe the self of the pain and emptiness of being so disconnected to own Soul-Signature and Godly connection. Not yet ready to face what needs to be transcended.

Own soul-signature/blueprint/mission template, is unique, and the way we choose to emulate/create, can become distorted versions/creations (meaning when we are fragmented and embodying our fallen aspects, we are creating our timeline through those fallen aspects. People tend to use "art" as an excuse to blind others from their distorted creations, because it is those distorted creations which gave them their name. Just because something is "artistic expression," does not always make it right).

Spiritual Development is a process of becoming deeply present and conscious to the energies we are being presented with and integrating within own individuated consciousness, and this has to be a consciously made choice in every moment. Some beings choose to live in bliss and absence of Truth/in denial, and do not care what energies they are housing/interacting with, and thus will hold onto anything that makes them feel good and soothe the pain & dissatisfaction instead of facing it. It is the fallen aspects of self that would rather blame it on "Luck" than do the work with focus, dedication, and integrity. Once we see that the blocks we face, are phantom, once we can allow ourselves to laugh at these illusory blocks we thought were so so real, we allow ourselves to step into a new level of depth, profound witness and forgiveness. We will laugh at the thought of ever doubting ourselves, of believing we were not deserving.

Do the necessary inner work so you feel deserving to claim birth-righted divine gifts that are no ones, but your very own. By reclaiming our birthright, we are reconnecting our own essence back with the rest of the collective--returning own fragmented aspect back to the Divine Mother Terra, activating and awakening her Lightbody, as we are all cells of Her Divine Wisdom and Rememberance ~ (I feel more closely connected to the name Terra (Not Tara), more than Gaia or Mother Earth--lmk what name you feel connected to when you think of Earth ) ~

Much Love,

Emily ~