Head of the Table - Repairing Masculine Nurturance

*** Note: Any being who has been on the healing journey for some time (doing the real work), knows how intense facing and deprogramming certain templates/programs are. They know the violence and rage that may arise when dealing with certain facets of inner rehabilitation work, and when we have no choice but to face these deep woundings, without even understanding how to "fix" or release them...remember that this type of work can also bring us into further and deeper fragmentation and damage...The most peaceful beings you see--have burning rage, chaos, and functionality to perform deep violence within, and have desires to perform external violence, but rather, they choose to remain within stillness--remember, not everything and everyone are always what they seem to be...our inner road map and intuition can magnetize us straight into delusion when we are unaware of fragmentations...and the addiction to Pain can be intoxicating and give us a real High. Healing bloodlines and lineage isn't about "getting over that Ex" or "cutting off toxic family members," or "becoming the main character." It is deeper, more exhausting, it is facing own EGO STUNTS and own ENTITLEMENT...It feels like a knife in your stomach, churning and churning, wishing for the sweet release of Death...but you REMEMBER THIS IS JUST PHANTOM. IT IS NOT YOU. It is PROGRAMMING. So you release attachment...release the burden...go inwards and upwards--vertical integration--grab the bigger picture and come back to horizontal and apply...which is why so many get stuck in Astral Bliss...cannot come back to horizontal and apply their profound knowing. Stillness is Key. ***

The Feminine desires a container where she is free to allow, free to be, free to exist, in all forms...through all her pain, madness, beauty, sensuality, and desire...the longing for a deep protective nurturance that is the merge of feminine and masculine...the alchemy that happens within this merge, opens a portal for the return of that Divine Father essence that this planet has been missing for Eons. A true Masculine fully merged with his own Feminine Essence--is aware of his ability to shift into the Conscious Man, the Father, The Brother, The Child, and the "conscious" Partner for his counterpart...whatever "role" he needs to show up as--he internally knows how to shift and does it with stability. When the Feminine is merged within with her own Masculine Essence within--she knows how to show up as a conscious woman, the Mother, The Sister, her own inner playful child, and her Divine Feminine Self.

Rehabilitating held trauma/wounds/memories, require us to face our darkest hour, our darkest self, magnified and amplified in the Mirror...to rearchitect/re-code/re-wire. It is NOT to be seduced into the pain, viewing and wearing pain and trauma as a badge of honor.

The Masculine, when blinded/unaware/deep in fragmentation, and neglecting own self-care and worth, he will forever "submit" to his counterpart..however...it will be laced with peasantry essence attached to it...(this is a dark force attached to the union/relationship/self).

He must be willing to make choices, to speak and stand behind own words with integrity and transparency, to instill structure and balance into own multidimensional existence, to BUILD a container in which the Feminine can begin to bring life into, and nurture what he has built. When the Masculine cannot build a container that ALLOWS authentic rawness and be-ing, he is unstable and his foundation will be weak and leaky. A Feminine in her power would feel her inner ability to Love, begin diminishing...as there is nothing there for her to pour her Love into...when she pours...it seeps into the holes and leaks...when she does not feel safe within and without--she will not be able to show up as her Highest Embodiment with her Counterpart.

Containers are created within, and expands outwards from our energy field...women are intuitive, they feel when something is off, when something doesn't feel right, when she doesn't feel completely safe in his arms...she knows. She feels...but sometimes...she chooses to stay...to stay until she breaks...b/c that is her Love...and when she breaks, she will feel a deep hatred for not Him, but herself...for believing Him...The Feminine must forgive herself for this...she must choose to release and choose to Love herself for making that "mistake." Because it wasn't a mistake. That is who the Feminine is. She is innocent--pure--and she trusts...she has to...when he doesn't.

(Again, these are energies and the understanding of these dynamics can be mirrored both internally and externally to understand how to merge these energies, but I focus on internal feminine and masculine unification).

A Feminine in her Power will feel repelled by Masculines who have yet to master holding a stable frequency (cannot make choices/rushed choices, wishy washy, people pleaser, weak with words/hiding behinds words, always "up to you," "if it's cool with you"). He does NOT TRUST his own words, own plans, own structure, own power. He needs affirmation from the Feminine to know he is doing it right...when HE is the HEAD of the TABLE, protector of the Earthdom/of Union. [Personal responsibility is blurry].

*Next part may bring up uncomfortability/triggers.

When a Masculine is holding onto Mortal Templates, he will go through the trenches...riddled with barb wire, traps, trickery, deceit, and poison...he will have to face and heal anywhere where internal doubt, unwilling, and his false confidence exists. (Mother Wound). He will have to face anywhere where he has not been able to step up as his fully Embodied Self for His Feminine, and where he has been hiding and lurking behind the shadows of His Mother. (Dark Mother Essence--simply means when Mothers project own Trauma/woundings onto her children, it can begin to program certain ways of behavior/reactions in our internal system and open up phantom timelines).

Everyone has woundings/traumas/triggers--but not everyone chooses to face them. Some simply choose bliss and ignorance--and we have to respect all choices and stay focused on our own.

Much Love,



Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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