Harmonic Symbiosis & Energy Exchange

At moments when we are presented with experiences that do not seem to be amplifying value, that seem to be draining us rather than fueling us, (exercise: feel into people and things that bring you short-term value as well as long-term value) it is vital to consider that the energy we are exchanging with, is not "in harmony" with us--meaning it is not providing us a balanced energetic exchange. Harmonic Symbiosis is feeling that balanced flow of energetic exchange between us and an external energy, and becoming more conscious of where we choose to direct our awareness. Where we direct our awareness is where we will spend time, energy, space, and of course--money.

For myself, I noticed that when I would spend money on physical materialism items for the reason that it looks nice, the new trend, (fomo), etc., or just because I had some extra $ to spend--that high was feeling like...waiting in line eagerly for a roller coaster I am so excited about, that everyone said was soooo amazing, getting on it, and realizing that it was a disappointing high...wow...false expectations...

But when I started spending money on both physical items & non-tangible items with rewired intent: Intents such as: I want to buy this plant because it will liven up my space and make me feel more at peace--I want to invest in this course/coach/mentor because I know they will help me get back on track and provide me the golden nuggets of guidance or push I need--I want to continue investing energy into this friendship/family/relationship/maybe an animal--because it truly brings me joy, happiness, and despite the difficult efforts, it is worth it for me...I want to invest in this car because it will make my life easier and I will have more time to focus on XYZ--I want to invest in the gym because I know it will be good for my health, and if I have better health, I will show up revitalized--I want to invest my time in cooking a real meal each day because it will make me feel structured, etc...whatever it may be for you, start to rewire what true value is for you, feel that value being infused and merged within entire being...and align to symbiosis with Money, Energy, Time, and Flow. (This is rewiring our internal languaging system and how we clean up our word to align with organic manifestation).

When we cannot see our intent and are merely focused on the Hype, the glamor, and availability--even if it is free...it will drain us! Even FREE can DRAIN and EXHAUST.

Beings who are fueled on receiving things/energy/time/favors for "free--or assume they should not have to pay for XYZ, feeling entitled to "free" because they are your family/friends/partner, (entitlement)., most likely do not experience harmonic symbiosis in their reality or within their own internal selves, presently unable to see value in own worth, and often may hold back in giving their time & energy because they are facing scarcity and lack...these people do not deserve what you have to offer. The people who will see your true value and your integrity--will pay your price/will give you their time/dedication/presence, because they know you are able to reciprocate and give value in return~~creating harmonic symbiosis and ultimate universal flow.

What does this have to do with Divine Union and Divine Family Blueprints?

Often within these energetic dynamics, lays a lot of entitlement complexities. We may assume we are entitled to our family members or partner or even friends energy because they simply have a relationship with us--and it is "expected." These false expectations lead us down a path of disappointment most often than not--because it is showing us that that certain energetic dynamic is not built on a foundation based in harmonic symbiosis, but a foundation based in expectations and disappointments.

In family blueprints, Parents often expect the energy and sacrifice from their children, simply because they have sacrificed. Although this is true, parents do sacrifice their time and energy in different ways--we cannot expect as the mother, father, or child--that expectation sends out a frequency out that repels our loved ones away from us or us away from them--that is why many family relations and ancestral trauma is difficult to heal, many issues re-cycle back and forth between expectation and disappointment, looping over and over and over. Constantly waiting for the other to change or become better, ultimately facing the same undealt with blocks.

Repairing energetic languaging system is what heals broken relations, to not allow energetic repellance determine the outcome of relation--but come to a space of stillness, become aware of it and rewire communicative processes without pointing fingers of fault and blame. It is of course easier to run away from certain experiences and people and start over so many times, but there are only so many places we can run towards before we run out of places to hide. Forgive the self for expecting, forgive others for the same...we all have fears, expectations, needs, wants, and desires. Know what yours are and practice communicating yours without Fear or judgement or abandonment. Be able to listen to others Fears, expectations, needs, and wants, without judgement and taking on those same things. Self-Mastery comes when you know what you want, and will not settle for anything less than ~~~ The ones for us--will not abandon when we communicate Fears, but open a space for us to free these Fears from holding us back ~~~

Much Love,

Emily ~