Going with the Flow vs. Being in Flow

"Going with the Flow" is more often than not rooted in indifference & apathy. Not harnessing any true emotion, but rather a forced emotion towards the moment. Doing whatever, being okay with whatever. It is a survival tactic we use in order to escape what we are in the presence of, simply because there is apart of us which does not wish to be here. Our mind protects us and tells us to just go with the flow, and that it'll be over soon, something will happen. This pattern plays out in our sub-mind if we are often interacting with people who we have no choice but to interact with, or we are "forced" to do something we do not wish to do. It prevents us from feeling and seeing what is right in front of us that we do not WANT TO SEE or want to feel, because we believe we cannot do anything about it, we cannot change it. This is how one turns to distractions, eventually deluding and starving the self. Distractions robs one's awareness, allowing one to feed attention to everything and anyone outside of the Self, resisting the real change one needs to make right now. Do not resist. You will only lose to your own Soul.

Being in Flow has a different texture and tone underneath where the organic energy of manifestation is created out of Love, Action, Conscious Intention, and Faith. It is consciously taking action with intention--even if unsure of outcome. Because action paired with divine intention is what creates divine creation. All else is creation that is essentially dead matter which requires the attention of others to be fed and kept alive. Being in Flow is taking inventory of what we are in the presence of--accessing and creating meaning towards action--giving the action a meaning/intention--and allowing the manifestation energy to take form. "Manifestation" is not something we "do," it is an energy born out of one's intention...it is the holy spirit in divine form. One's own inner feminine + masculine birthing a creation. Imbalanced + synthetic (+)(-) energies will create deformed formation.