Geometric Attunements

Maintaining Structure & Flow.

When structure and flow within own embodiment are not existing simultaneously in harmony, it becomes normal for us to face blockages--where the internal flow is not actually flowing with ease--rather we will begin perceiving that blocks are completely normal, and that we should just keep moving...this is untrue and will amplify the block over time.

When facing blocks--there is no way for us to move on and clear it fully within our field, until we understand what that blockage looks like/feels like/what it was, etc. Without understanding and really facing these blocks face-to-face, we create an illusion for ourselves that we have dissolved these blockages, when in fact, we have not actually...

At times when we are caught up with "flowing with life"--we often begin minimizing the importance of structure (masculine energy), and without the foundation and continual activation of the internal masculine essence--there is no way for us to create a container for our own flow with life.

The masculine learns how to hold the feminine when she is deep in healing/activating--and the feminine must learn how to flow herself while the masculine learns how to structurize/create these spaces for the feminine essence...since the collective masculine essence has been through immense trauma/woundings/and are holding heavy attacks through the lower portions of their subtle energy bodies--getting that right foundation for their container to fit the feminine can be difficult if the masculine is TOO the feminine cannot hold codes that are TOO structurized in her embodiment--certain geometric attunements and codes will not fit all depending on unique blueprint.

As we learn how and what it means to merge internal masculine and feminine energies--to reach inner union with Self (original human geometric structure--hieros gamos template), we are learning how to work with our own internal masculine structures and geometric codes in order to build a solid foundation on which we will exist and create with feminine codexs. For some, the un-sturdy structure that we have made for ourselves will collapse to the ground--simply because we are ready to build a better aligned structure and way of being.

If certain codes are not syncing well within own field--you will feel it--it will bring up fear and instability WITHOUT a sense of faith. (Many codes that are sent through the fields are distorted and hacked codes--which is why many beings now experience "losing faith in humanity," "unable to see the good in people," "I only see the bad"....these things come because the internal structure of own codex has already been distorted and disharmonized---making us project out a certain reality that does not uphold true unification with Source embodiment and authentic connection to "idealism"

Idealism, although a dreamscape, is necessary in order to restructure reality---as the idealism realm is where we pull these infinite codes into embodiment TO create reality. So if reality is off--we need to reach into idealism and learn how to re-create...with structure...

Much Love,

~ Emily