Fragments of consciousness are siphoned using splitting technology. The splitting technology can be put implanted in the heart center --"Pulling on someone's heartstrings." Or implanted in the consciousness of our Mind--"Mind Games." These produce inorganic results/thoughts/emotions which opens up inorganic timelines, as well as the "fake" culture. Yes, it will all be fake when we pull on someone's heart strings or play mind games. There's no doubt. That is the truth.

These are both forms of attempting to control and re-wire the inner-knowing of others, and inevitably will create a reality and experience based in artificiality and many beings are not able to discern to see/feel/hear into what is authentic or genuine anymore. Have you ever experienced this? I have. I could not tell if someone was being genuinely kind or they were being "fake" kind. So many tricksters out there.

To pull these pieces back and realign with inner compass and direct connection with Source, and anchor in self sustained sovereignty, command full power over your heart, body, mind, and soul, as you are the one in charge of your vessel through God. No one else.

Beings desire to "pull on someone's heartstrings" when they do not have access to their own--so the need to siphon to literally survive because they do not have their own. "Mind Games" are played by beings who believe another is too smart and needs to knock them off a peg or two. Both an Ego play, and a Soul play, human as the vessel.

Transcending the Egoic layer, leads one to "spirituality" "meditation" "karmics" "soul" etc., because now the self is beginning to see expand internally and pulling in more soul cells/accessing higherself/internal knowing. But it does not mean the "egoic" layer has suddenly vanished. It is now a stabilized foundation for the soul to do its work on this Earthly plane. (The soul plane/5D/Starseeds/Lightworkers get knocked off mission a lot during this transition because false light consciousness indoctrinates that the Ego doesn't "exist" anymore).

To teach "Bad things" don't exist, and "it's your perception," is the work of the Devil. But here's the secret, it's a Mind Game. (War on Consciousness). So how do we untrap from this? By using this tactic and ~considering~ the Devil's advice, we can use that "bad things don't happen, you create it" nonsense, for inner-empowerment and rewrite your OWN perception and experience with and through God. You are smart, you remember, you know, you know how to do this. Remember this and reclaim your power.

Much Love ~



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