Foundational Recoding

When the foundation has too many cracks and holes in it, it becomes unstable--creating much shakiness within our fields. It is imperative to ensure the foundation is kept intact and taken care of--daily. However, when the foundation cannot be saved--or the work in order to fix the foundation is just too much--it is much simpler to knock it all down and start from scratch. Fresh ground. Fresh tools. Fresh eyes. New floor plans.

Since we are individually beginning to see the collective cracks in our foundation, we are beginning to wake up to the shakiness we've been living on and experiencing--believing that the 'shakiness' is 'normal' when it is not. It is because we've been trying to build and build and create on top of old un-sturdy foundational support. It's what we've been doing for eons. Now, we are waking up to the unfolding madness. Some Beings who do not know how to take care of the ground, are creating wreckage on top of wreckage. Not knowing that it is not just themselves who is living on top of the foundation--but the collective.

Do not fear starting from scratch. It is the most pure and unbothered place to start. There are no distractions and it is a brand new ground for you to build on. Creating new plans from a different energy. Allowing creativity to come through to give you ideas on how you wish to create your new foundation. Learning--how your foundation is built so you are able to check up on it daily and not allow dust, termites, and other nasty energies to settle there. Foundational recoding is the toughest job of all--but it is also the most amazing and fun thing we can truly truly do for ourselves and the collective. So throw out your old floor plans, learn something new, and begin to create your own solid foundation. You will not know every step on how to create a new stable foundation--but I assure you there are beings who LOVE LOVE LOVE helping others build new and reliable foundations, and the steps will be revealed to you along the journey. (That's the ~real~ fun).