Fallen Architecture: No one is the only one

Fallen Architecture is when codes (values/decent moral/ethics), are running in reverse within and a being begins to create and perceive existence through that imbalanced structure, causing very real external issues we face today. (Division of Race, relationship entanglements, heightened insecurities/doubt, not knowing who to trust, scarcity/fear with Love, Money, and overall-well-being). No doubt most people have or are questioning why there is poverty/lack of shelter/food/resources/people living on the edge barely scraping by/suffering with mental and physical disease...and we fail to ask...what structure are we built on top of as a collective? What structures are we holding within own self? Is the structure being well maintained?...How do we even maintain it? Who is maintaining it?

People stopped being curious, stopped asking the real questions, stopped fighting for an answer...stopped giving answers...lowering attention span, willingness, and fight for truth...the collective attention span is that of a fish...can only hold so much awareness at once before it forgets and troddles on to the next "big thing..."

Some may fear choosing a side, calling out what is clearly wrong, and/or using own voice...whatever it may be, people have become so wishy washy with no own opinion, perspective, and willingness to be the change to heal this planet. Always waiting for someone else to do it first or to say something first. Looping in a cycle of waiting for things to get better.

At least some are able to fully stand behind what they stand for and say they don't believe in God or XYZ...and not be afraid to say it, and there are some who believe in God but are so afraid to stand behind their truth of their own Faith and Trust...it does not matter if God exists or not...

The only thing that matters is if we allow this to continue separating Humanity...separating consciousness...which collectively has already happened...whether that separation is due to Race wars, health wars, money wars, physical war...it is looping...

How to create mass looping in consciousness/take over the planet: (just a possibility, don't lock me up for this one hehe) -- it takes only one extremely angry beserk being who is massively stuck in own pain/denial of own pain/own loop, to start a fire:

  1. Form a small knit group of people who want to change the world in some way, only include the ones who wish to change it in a similar way that you would like to see

  2. Tell the group (not 1, tell the whole group), "we" are more special/have more knowledge/power than the rest of the group/masses...make that group really really feel the false power to the core by telling them how special they are and how much good they will be doing for the rest of the world, false power is a drug--get them addicted to feeling "special" and "needed"

  3. As a group, (each w. own agenda, but has overall agreed agenda), go around finding those who have seem to lost their way, lonely, abandoned in the moment, and get this person/these people to jump onboard with X indoctrination (whether it is science/religious/spiritual/business/etc) and use smart convincing tactics via psychology

  4. Find another, and another, the group will start getting larger (kind of like how salesman go door-to-door, they want people to purchase or get on board with something, they know there will always be someone who falls for it, preying on vulnerable because they know everyone has vulnerable moments/will have them, they know it is a matter of their timing to show up at the door at the right moment to catch their dinner, or they will constantly knock until annoyed because vultures cannot take "no" as an answer, (convincing someone), and then vulnerable/annoyed being submits as prey and becomes victim)

  5. People will be more likely to believe something and trust something/someone if it looks like there are more than 1/more people who perceive the same thing/think the same way -- "sheep" mentality -- aka, going along with the "majority"

  6. Make all feel like they are doing such wondrous things for everyone else, helping everyone else, watching out for everyone else...constantly give those who "do good" positive affirmations and that they are doing a good job, they are taking care and protecting others yadayada--it creates a false sense of feeling better due to never healing from that vulnerable space

  7. #s add up, more and more, and now more people will begin questioning their own selves/beliefs/perspectives because now an entire group has banded together to spread the same thing/do the same thing...causing mass confusion and further division...(of course this is just a basic blueprint of various deceptive mind games, but you get the picture)

We see this playing out in all arenas through all avenues of life experience--just cloaked in different forms. (science indoctrination, religious indoctrination, spiritual indoctrination)--that's all these are--indoctrinations. One seems to believe it is "better"/"smarter"/"more intelligent" than another...it is ridiculous..."oh, i follow Jesus and I am saved. follow him and you shall be saved" "oh, I have spiritual practices and I can sense energy, you are low vibe," "yeah well science says otherwise, you're just dumb..." what are these egoic maniacal games?

Awakening to true God/Source is going within own direct experience and pointing out fundamental flaws of each, dissecting the truths and deceit of all...and that is all separation is phantom...we are just made aware that all it is...is an illusion--nothing changes except awakening to where we have been blinded to or distorted. Where we have unconsciously judged or seen someone as more than or less than another based off of personal held beliefs?

We will always have personal beliefs of why things happen the way they do, why we are here, why anything is really...and we need to let them go...fall out of the personality matrix and drop beliefs...find Humanity and common Decency in actions.

Common Decency is more than being a nice person, professional person, proper person...saying the right things the right way--anyone can be nice. The most terrifying people know exactly what to say in a "nice way" to blind others from their deceptory behavior. Sugar coating. Common decency is picking up our own trash, cleaning up after ourselves, holding space for someone who just cannot in that moment--sharing resources when others are in lack--not shaming the waiter/manager because they messed up--flipping someone off--talking behind their back--talking about something they entrusted you with--it is not seeing that someone's career or current destination is more/less/better than anothers--it is treating all as we ourselves would wish to be treated--treating this planet as our own Home--and allowing ourselves to see the ones who don't hold common decency & humanity for who they truly are...allow yourself to see their true colors of self-entitlement--wolf in sheep's clothing...doing good deeds for the recognition, for the pat on the back...attempting to boost own Ego.

Everyone has gone through tough sh*t in their life, yet some... somehow believe they are the only ones who's had it worse than others--this is simply untrue and is what created entitlement complexion to begin with. Only a being holding entitlement will attempt to control or redirect choices of another being. (This happens a lot in family--another discussion for another day). Make your own choices this time--and remember--making a choice means there is a string attached (responsibility), and people are afraid of it. Which is why some fear making own decisions/using own voice, and always need to ask for someone's opinion and are wishy washy in their embodiment.

Much Love,

Emily ~


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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