Facing the Storm + Frequency Forecast

Reversed codes/anti-human/siphoning mechanisms will begin to increase--to decipher these metatronic/robotic codes, tune into how they make you feel. Truth...will make the ones who have been comfortable for too long--uncomfortable...and soothe the ones who have been uncomfortable for far too long...false codes...they make us feel good...like we are high on a false Source/God, seduced, hypnotized, glazed, high on success and own ability/gift/etc., ...unable to feel any remorse or pain as there is no true connection to other beings...an ultimate release from existence...these are delusions...I feel this is to bring many beings who are holding potent narcissistic templates/tendencies and entitlement within for them to face.

When beings are holding narcissistic tendencies/templates--they will "resonate" with any "truth" that justifies own behavior/actions/words/emotions. (I have held some of these templates, and dismantling them is not a walk in the park). We have to accept that sometimes...the only way for a being who is housing potent narcissism (spiritual or not), they need to face their own shit. They need to be at rock bottom. They need to face themselves in the Mirror and reap the chaos of their past.

Their current inability to be self-aware enough to accept own mistakes/immature behavior/sharp words that cut like knife/violence/rage and have willingness to correct is someone who WANTS the lies/deceit/manipulation/mind games/power plays...they want it...because they know it is exactly what will wake them up...it will bring them to the place where many of you have been and understand...so they themselves, can understand where you have been. It is tough to witness. It is tough and heartbreaking to see someone go through the trenches knowing we cannot help them, we cannot correct what is internal for them, it is not anyone's responsibility. It is a lesson on sourcing own willingness to clean and pick up own personal responsibility. (Picking up our own TRASH).

To believe we have never held narcissistic templates ourselves--is true narcissism and entitlement bondage. We may not be narcissists, but we can hold onto certain templates that can lead us towards embodying and becoming one in the Flesh if we are not conscious enough of how our own actions/words/behavior/choices are connected to collective choices/behavior/language.

Frequency Forecast: Next few years, people will be seeing more deceit/lies/trickery surfacing the ground, many will be facing it within their own personal lives. i.e. Such as being deceived into giving money into charity believing it is for a good 'cause, (when it really wasn't), family/friends/work taking advantage of the Self, self-realization of own BS, abuse of spiritual gifts, people practicing spiritual gifts without having them, couples finding out about adultery, divorces/uncouplings, to name a few examples of how the storylines may play out. There will also be many animal deaths (I've seen too many) as well as people...especially to suicide/emotional numbness and mental health/disease that has gotten too far--these will be at a high...and it is already...these are all extremely tough to face...these are not "normal" thoughts to have or experiences we are here for...yet most people have them...I have as well...it can be scary place to be in...things will happen, we need to face it if we wish to shift it...to correct the timeline for real this time.

Aside from all of this, beings will also awaken to new possibility, dreams, aspirations and motivation. To finally feel the true sense of Home, warmth, and prosperity returned on this planet and available for all who reside, to feel and embody and co-create harmonic lifestyles. So many miracles and abundant experiences will begin to happen ~ ... and this is where the collective cognitive dissonance will create...the collective consciousness storm...

Stay safe and return to Source to clear it whenever fear comes up ~

Much Love,



Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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