Eternal Living Light of God (The Tao)

Amongst many spiritual/philosophical/religious text, there lies a common thread between all, a thread that merges all separation...for a moment of unity, peace, and acceptance...a breath of fresh air...a bridge that connects all distance and space, collapsing us into a single point...the eternal now, and eternal flow.

To be present, is to be present with the wounds we deny, the pain that we have numbed, the anger we have suppressed, the heartbreaks we cease to let go of, the loneliness that we experience...and to truly participate in these moments even if the pain becomes unbearable, as that is the quickest way to dissolve these moments.

When the Love we wish to give, does not have a receiver, we may feel heartbroken and unaccepted...and begin closing off our Love and "give it to ourselves..." I dabbled back and forth with this attempting to discover the truth of it...

My truth was not matter how deeply I wanted it to be...I went through many nights of frustration and self-doubt, feeling like I was being pulled away from myself whenever I "gave the Love to myself..." not knowing why...until I became aware that I was ever more fueled when I gave and gave and gave...even if I did not receive it back right away...because of how deeply I trusted the you see...

Sometimes...we experience a release from the we can swim deeper in love, appreciation, and wisdom of the eternal that is what our soul is truly starving for ~

Discover your inner truth, stand with your truth, then let all else align with you and what you stand behind. Stay with what feels good in your mind, heart, body, and soul, and let the flow take you to your next destination ~

Much Love,



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