Entitlement Spirit

False pursuits of happiness, recycles consciousness into believing that such invaluable feeling can be controlled by external materialism/circumstance. Placing focus onto status of collective consciousness and collective movement is what many beings project internal chaos onto in order to escape the real journey within...as that is the path of the false ascension matrix--attempting to keep the focus external.

Digging deep within own consciousness/patterns/mistakes/self-sabotage will inevitably trigger deep hidden wounding and trauma...and is a true test of commitment to following the guidance of Self, rather than the guidance of external chatter, as every being has the right to their own governance within own consciousness field. If/when a being constantly feel/or are treated as if they do not have full self governance over own consciousness field, is when the momentum of mental illnesses begin to increase.

The spirit of entitlement is an imposter spirit. We leave an opening for this spirit to come through when we are in emotions of unworthiness/powerless over own life/fear lack of control. We know we have this negative spirit attachment in our field when we begin to hold someone outside of ourselves, to a certain standard or way of being, and become upset at them when they do not follow that standard and/or show up in that way.

In the False Light Grids, the spirit of entitlement are attached/implanted, driving one to believe they are deserving of everything that life has to offer...and that is why the law of attraction + manifestation teachings are popular (very repetitive)--these are False teachings not in alignment with God's Natural and Universal Laws.

When we begin to realize and pull out of the false light grids/false teachings, recognizing the spirit of entitlement leeching onto own field, we must release this spirit and expel it from our entire embodiment. To do this, we have to take responsibility for allowing it in through practice of self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Only then, will we be able to forgive and fully understand others when we see them fall out of alignment with self...because all has done the same at one point...or will...at another.

If/when you find yourself triggered/mentally/emotionally, please always remember to take it one step at a time.

~ Emily