Inner-Child Mothering + Fem/Mas Healing

As the entire planet sheds collective trauma/awakens to deception/heals from collective dissonance--remember that many things will play out which will allow the collective feminine energies to heal hatred for the Masculine essence...and the Masculine to begin healing hatred for the collective feminine essence. This is a necessary collective grievance and purge process.

Many Feminines may notice that Masculines who have not healed/not choosing to heal-- hold onto their External Mother Figure, and will always seek their nurturance, guidance, and will never say No to Her, in fear of disappointment. He does not consciously know (he may sense it energetically) that she has been abandoned by her own Counterpart (Father Essence), and that she unconsciously looks for that energy in own Son...This is fragmented consciousness and is part of the unconscious mind. This can get dark very quickly if one can intuitively sense what I am saying with this...and I am not here to say this exists...I am here to say that the Dark Mother Timeline is an unfavorable one for the collective...and if enough momentum exists...the timeline will open up.

It is vital to forgive Mothers who are holding onto these distortions as they do not know what they do not know...and to draw own energy away by pulling back inward to Self...even if for a brief moment.

The Masculines are protectors, and will always seek to protect their Mothers--even if their Mothers hold or are programmed into running siphoning codes...if this is the case--the Masculine's relationship with any Feminine/counterpart will never be fulfilling on a soul-level.

Wounded Feminines tend to hold onto these Mortal Masculines if she has not healed own Father woundings, and will always "be there" for the Mortal Masculines...who will never show up/do not know how to show up for her because his own essence is being siphoned by the Fragmented Mother. If self becomes unhappy, upset, and is experiencing a constant repetitive cycles with own partner--one must hold the self to a standard--and to not further damage own consciousness. Unfortunately, some Feminines will further fragment their own consciousness by staying within these energetic entanglements...

This is why the collective grievance of Feminine and Masculine, as well as self grievance is so necessary--this process will release many emotions and bring to collective awareness how both energies have been so separated...and how this is being mirrored heavily externally--

Ex: difficulty keeping relationships--divorces--separation--family separation--not knowing if "love" is out there anymore, etc. These external issues and perceptions result from internal separation of Fem/Mas energies.

For a group of the Masculine energies--who are purging hatred for the Feminine--and are CHOOSING to do the work, will begin to face their own inner mother wounds (every being goes through this throughout their own healing/awakening process--inner masculine energy facing internal mother wounds)...and this is not pretty--especially if the External Mother has been programmed to run on dis-harmonized masculine frequencies.

When we heal and restore our original templates--we may face times when we will need to say NO to our Mothers. We may need to say NO MORE to OUR SELVES as we learn how to MOTHER our OWN INNER CHILD!

When we learn how to be a Mother/Father to our own inner child essence...we are showing ourselves who we would be as parental figures and/or caretakers of others.

If we do not care about our own well-being and childlike worries & needs...that is how we will be with our own children. If we are too strict on our own selves...we will be too strict on our own children...if we are too care-free about our own selves and our life...we will be the same way to our children...if we believe we are never enough and that we just need to try harder...we will always make our children feel as if they are never doing enough...

We all have the power to see...but it is acceptance of what we are seeing...that is scary...and when we are able to see the truth of it all...will our heart experience a momentary shatter and collapse...a moment where we see all for who and what they are...a reality shift...and that is......

The Truth: Not everyone is as strong as they make themselves to look...especially our parents...and especially...our own selves...

Much Love,