Dissolution of Internal Blocks

When heaviness and density begins to clog our energetic field, it creates stickiness and a feeling of being stuck. To return back to organic homeostasis, clear own field from anything that is attempting to siphon life-force away, depleting the Self. Becoming aware of clogs in own field is like finding the dust that collects in the crevices of the ceilings we do not clean. "I haven't gotten the time to clean it. I didn't see it, it was too high up, I was lazy...I'll do it tomorrow...." So many reasons and stories to why we haven't cleaned. The stories do not matter, because the truth is in this moment, is that it isn't clean.

Not clearing up where we direct our energy or giving energy away will create confusion within, not knowing why exhaustion and frustration arises in our experience. Dissolving internal blocks will require one to be in full acceptance of present co-creation so that one may discern what needs to be cleaned up in order to see/feel/hear a clear path ahead.

You are an instrument having blocks, no big deal. It simply means our sound frequency is out of harmonics and is in need of some tuning. Happens to all instruments. Tuning an instrument will require one to hear each key and how it currently sounds (maybe the note is really off), but by hearing it, we can tune it to the right vibration and create an inner harmonic frequency. Do not question if the path is there, it is. Rather, ask how to tune the Self and hear the self with clarity and precision.

~ Emily