Deepen this Shallow World

When you begin to see a lack of depth that exists in this world, and truly see it for how it is--shallow, empty, gray, or perhaps you see the world with colors...but there seems to be no shadows and shading...ask yourself--how deeply have you gone within your own self? How deeply have you gotten to know yourself, really? Is it safer at the shallow ends? Sure. We all want safety and security and a how-to guide to every single problem. But now where are the risks? Where are the miracles? Miracles don't exist in shallow land.

You must learn to trust the waters--trust the waves--and trust your abilities. You must find your own rhythm of how you flow with this world and this universe. There is no one who can do it for you. There is no how-to guide to your life or anyone's life, as much as I wished that were true. You don't want to be prepared for possible problem and conflicts. You want to learn how to be prepared for the unknown!

What adds depthness are our fuckups, our regrets, our should have could have and would haves, it's the accumulation of a multitude of emotions. The feeling of wanting to do something so badly but not having the courage to do so, the feeling of hating ourselves for being scared and not making a choice, or even being grateful too late in the game. These are all so god damn sad. Grieving the chances we never got. I know. But if we allow these emotions to create a better us, when we allow these experiences that we have created for ourselves to teach ourselves that no one is truly prepared for the unknown--or for what's to come.... is when miracles are gifted--that is where we learn that every moment should not be taken for granted-- is when we become our own Master.

When you color in your story, and you add color to this world--don't just keep it shallow. Deepen it.