Crown Auric Gridwork

If you desire yourself...

& If you desire to be a yourself...

These desires, are not natural. It is absolute hell to live with these desires rather than allowing all to experience it for their own selves. Find what makes you happy, find what fulfills you and do is more painful to watch someone force themselves to do or like something they do not truly enjoy simply because it provides them with money, love, or attention...than to watch them struggle with finding what it is they enjoy...idk about you...but I'd rather see someone struggling to find what they Love, rather than seeing someone not even giving themselves that opportunity and journey.

Continue reading if you want to know more about crown portal hooks & pulling out of them.

When crown portal matrix hooks are pulling on the crown, the crown receptors begin vibrating on a lower spectrum of frequency and get pulled into energies that are baiting and hooking, and thus energy will start to deplete and people start feeling unsafe throughout their experience...they may feel they have no choice but to rely on their captor...This is all about conscious consent. If we are re-cycling in depression/anxiety/exhaustion and denial or resisting it...we are already giving away consent (getting caught) and being siphoned, struggling to align with organic homeostasis, energetic balance & eternal source. Come back to center, come back to self, and come back to presence...release yourself, the captor has no power or authority over your soul as you are your only authority, source, and beloved.

Because we have free-will and there is a certain structure (universal law) of how energy functions and travels, living in "matrix systems" is anytime the self is unconsciously giving away own energetic consent & personal sovereignty to external authority (whether that is receiving notions, concepts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, money, physical body, physical items ) to fuel and source inner power/confidence/security. Allowing external elements to determine us rather than us determining it.

The way to go around anyone's free-will is (1). blackmailing (2). making XYZ seem like a "better" and more "suitable" choice or the "only" choice(s) (aka. convincing tactic, or only giving option 1 or 2-an ultimatum, and everything else is off the table...this is a softer blackmailing technique...which works well on people pleasers and people who are afraid of "disappointing" others, and on beings who obey/rely on external authority or struggle with saying 'No'). This way, the free-will "choice," is indeed made "freely" and there is no karma retribution boomeranged onto the deceiver/captor...this is a loophole for archons, they like to go around universal law to avoid karma retribution and personal responsibility.

Think about this in terms of own personal experience as well as the macrocosm of experience.

When you were studying in school, think about when you were trying to learn science/math/english/etc., and it just did not make sense to sort of felt like everyone else was getting it but it just wasn't clicking for made you feel dumb and stupid...

Actually, it isn't because those things aren't "true," or that you are simply means those things are not in alignment with YOUR blueprint and what you are here to be and do...those "things" are trying to tell others who they can be and should do to fulfill their vision of 'success'...when no one can tell us that but the voice of our very Soul...that is why hijacked/synthetic "languaging" codes will not make sense when you are trying to understand it...It is artificial intelligence.

There are also moments where a person's vision of success for self suddenly shifts and changes drastically because of what they saw through someone else...and suddenly wants that instead...this is allowing others manifestations and visions to influence our own.

The living language of light is the language of inner soul and wisdom...and contains knowledge & prosperous visions that books can never teach or show, because you are the only book you have to read and live is a personal feeling and experience that words can never explain...this is why people enjoy getting lost in movies/books/music...these are the closest thing we have to explaining that one feeling that people deeply wish to experience...

Unfortunately this fallen world was no one's "choice," but we are all given a choice at some point to re-imagine & re-create, this time...with God/Source by our make sure everything you do, is indeed worth your while & time, don't waste a minute in fear, regret, and overthinking, and never cease to always dream higher ~

Much Love,

Emily ~