Core Monadic Expression

Core Monadic Expression of Higher Self and integration of advanced sensory abilities is not possible without re-integration of personality, individuation, and self-expression. When we begin awakening & unplugging from the "Matrix," the reason we begin feeling disconnected from all realms of physical matter is because we are releasing attachments to old "personality" in order to be re-met with higher structures of expression and light matter. (It may feel like 'naked in the woods' and trying to find your clothes in sheer panic but at the same time too exhausted too search type of feeling ~ "You discover who you are, when you remember who you are").

At the core of each individuated expression, exists the divine blueprint of original human intelligence krystallized within every cell of this planet, ready to be activated for spiritual/consciousness development.

When we are not conscious of what these blueprints are within, we unintentionally allow leaks and cracks in our field, where false magis and creators of synthetic intelligence can come in to alter floorplans and begin re-architecting the flow of universal krystalline structure to now inhabit misaligned codes, reversing the current and motion of energy to eventually consume and collapse in on itself.

Allowing external force of any form to alter individuated expression is self-annihilation and abandonment, it is how we "lose ourselves," in these moments we begin losing fragments of our own core melody and unconsciously consent to the embodiment, energy, and channellings of others to take over our own consciousness and being, and connection to personalized soul-signature becomes lost and out of reach.

Much division and collective outrage is created through the spirit of seduction, lust, and gluttony...(Sexual Energy & Plasma Light from Sacral that the Feminine produces), tune into these energies and feel how they alter the energetics and motion of the physical body, emotions, and consciousness...(these entities create and install lack and scarcity templates which promote Fear and Death). Deciphering these negative spirits will open and unlock the language of divine human intelligence to authenticate consciousness blueprints and protect our own access to Source Embodiment & Light codes).

Much Love,

Emily ~