Conscious Participation

When you feel lost in experience--disconnected from experience...yourself...remember that that in itself, is also an experience. It is experiencing how to pull the self all the way back in, ALL the way IN. These are moments in which we feel our deepest separation, longing, and entrapment...simply because we forget to truly participate in this experience, and unconsciously separate ourselves from the experience....causing the conscious experience to reflect unconscious.

At times, there are no words to make the feelings/thoughts/experience better, no activation, no meditation, no crystal, no magic wand to make it all go away...except to make everything visible. Every wound, every scar, every scratch, pain, and ache...sit with it...don't just listen to it...but allow the self to hear it.

Put down the process of "learning" for a moment, and realize that the only way to truly through self-lived experience and participation of presence. Next time you listen to that song, really LISTEN and HEAR it. Next time you cook dinner, really COOK that dinner, and take your time with every single thing you do in the kitchen. Next time you fold your laundry, fold every piece with the same focus...these seemingly small adjustments create huge energetic shifts in consciousness and further strengthens our dimensional shield from any form of interference.

When the present moment is too painful/unbearable/dark, our survival kicks in and we do not want anything to do with the present...we start by disconnecting through not participating in doing these little tasks with intent...and little by little...disconnecting from our entire existence...wondering why our life isn't like the ones in the movies...and maybe it is because we are not truly LIVING it...we listen to that song, but miss the details and intricacies of the music and the lyrics...when we cook dinner....we sometimes just want to get it done because we want to eat...or we were too lazy to pick up the proper ingredients...and it ends up unsatisfactory...we just want to get the damn laundry done so we half-ass the process...and rip our hair our when our closet becomes a mess...

The only way for the dream to come to live and be in the dreamscape...and bring it to life with YOUR source...