Commitment + Devotion

When we use the word commitment so also loosens the meaning. "Commitment" more-or-so implies an undesirable responsibility. "But I'm committed now...," "I'm definitely going to commit this time..." etc. Commitments have become shackles and chains that make it seem like committing to something or someone is somehow 'losing' something.

#Commitment/Devotion should never be asked for, it should be felt. It should never have to feel like an obligation that stripes us of our freedom. It should make us want to wish for LESS freedom. Imagine doing something you LOVE, you absolutely enjoy, and when someone distracts you, and you do not have time to work on it--you get sad. This is knowing that you are committed and devoted to your work. You will desire time away from all else to be with your One (however you interpret this as).

Stop looking for the 'one' or trying to 'find' your passion--because these are all byproducts to how devoted you are to yourself. #Devotion not only to ourselves, but to our path. We must have faith in our own path and allow it's unfolding of events--even if it looks different from everyone else's. And in moments when we cannot feel the faith--we must learn how to re-build it. Re-build faith. Re-build devotion. Re-build. Not give up. Be so focused on where you are/where you are going/where you want to go that nothing has the power to deter you. Nothing. Because your power is always within.

If you ever are wondering if someone will commit to you, or if you are trying to commit to something/someone, it's not even worth it. A committed and devoted relationship seeks to remain committed--while being devoted to rebuild if all burns to the ground into ashes. Learning how to be devoted to the self (union of self) is a crucial step in learning how to devote self to another (physical union). Two individuals who fully understand their decision to be committed and devoted to each other--will not fear their spark fading because they have all of the tools to re-build and re-spark. No more taking commitment and devotion loosely. Keep it #Sacred and a #Blessing. If not--build the courage to set each other Free.