Channeling other Spiritual Beings

Channeling the energies of other ascended masters/deities/beings has heavy karma attached and can affect not only our own timeline, but the timeline of other innocent beings and the ascension process. The only being we should be channeling are the energies and soul essence of our direct higher-self, in which our vessel is to communicate directly with God/Source in order to receive messages. Many well known ascended masters have outdated message that no longer apply to our current ascension timeline--so please stop listening to channeled messages from archangels, etc. Self-proclaimed and God/Source-proclaimed Ascended Masters embody very similar, yet different energies that is at first difficult to see, but can be easily discerned once we allow Source to gift us the gift of sight--then we shall see the falsity that lies in plain sight. Self-proclaimed Gurus will appear to have everything together, and convince you that if you take their course, use their Law of Attraction Method, "detach"-- that you will also achieve some level of enlightenment and wealth, when in actuality--we are already enlightened beings. When it boils down to the truth of their essence--some beings have long gave up empathy, compassion, and humility towards humanity and made a deal with the Devil.

It is so easy to channel messages and not take responsibility for what is said. Claiming there is this 'unknown energy taking over and coming through the self, to let it just flow through you.' This is a partial truth. There are always darker energies and light energies surrounding us--but WE, ourselves, need to discern what messages are in alignment and what is not. It's not to take whatever messages we can receive. This is just another matrix within a matrix. A partial blame will be placed on the 'unknown energy' in order to not take full responsibility of what is coming through--hoping that others won't see through the facade of not being able to have one's own unique soul message. Lack of trust in one's own true voice and truth. Beings who do not have their energetic field protected well enough will allow disguised ascended masters to enter their field, to siphon innocent beings of their mental, emotional, and physical essence to perpetuate the "spiritual matrix" and Spiritual Elitism. To give these darker energies and entities the power to speak through their vessel, for they will benefit from doing so. This is hijacking. It is also true that some beings consciously allow this hijacking, and some are not fully aware. Practice discernment + understanding.

Communicate with the energies coming through you, see if you yourself are in alignment with what is coming through prior to accepting it fully--or is it just giving regurgitated information + messages?



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