Auric Shield

12-D shield is an energetic barrier between our auric field, and that of others/and other external experiences. Activating our shield protects our field from experiencing manipulative entanglements and warns us about what is to come. If/when we find ourselves in a controlling/manipulative/unfair situation, it is showing us that either (1) our shield has weakened, or (2) another has found a hack to our shield and we need an upgrade/new security measures coded into our shield. (Which may also mean we have our shield activated in certain dimensions, and deactivated in others dimensions).

When a being has their shield up, it can often seem like they "have a wall up" or "have their guard up," but that isn't always true. Our shield automatically activates when we sense something is off or untrue, and we may ignore our own selves and let our shield de-activate, when there is a reason our shield automatically activated...this pulls us into less desirable experiences.

When our shield is de-activated/weakened, it is easy to be pulled into allure, charm, and fall for inauthentic kindness, believing that everyone is good of heart and has good intentions when that is not the case. When the shield is too strong, a being may feel alienated and unable to relate to anyone/create relations and may seek extreme amounts of solitude for long periods of time.

When we act as both the "witnesser" and the "player" of experience, will we be able to better read situations through a neutral lens at the same time we are responding to the situation in the external. Allowing us to respond from a place of steadiness and focus, rather than responding through our usual immediate thought processes (which are often linked to survival mode/lack mentality).

To activate your shield, pull your consciousness to the now moment, and say to yourself that you will have your shield readily activated anytime if you ever so need to use it/activate it. Picture yourself holding your shield (for ~30 seconds) in any way you want before you head out for your day. (Picture this shield coming in front of you when you feel something energetically gnawing at you or trying to). This recodes and strengthens our 12D shield so that we will come to a place in our journey where we do not even need the shield we will not be placing ourselves in situations where we need it to begin with.

Our shields look very different depending on frequency/starseed origin, and you can ask your guides to reveal to you what your own shield looks like and if there are any holes/repairs you can do on it. Have fun with your shield, and practice activating/deactivating it!

Much Love,