ascension 101: the mirror

Process of "ascending" and mainstream spirituality, (making others feel as if spirituality is something 'cool' and trendy, and if others are not "spiritual" or are completely up to date on what is happening on the ground, they are "asleep"), is what is keeping artificial consciousness grids from standing and replaying in lower distortions, it 'mimicks,' glamorizes, and humorizes sacred shamanic practices, intelligence, and natural wisdom, and uses such as a personal Ego fluffing tools.

It excuses the self from doing the true inner work to face own shadows, woundings, egoic constructs + desire for fleshly satisfaction...and a safety with hiding behind positivity, spirituality and knowledge. To "know" knowledge, does not mean one is more "powerful," than another & just because someone does not speak on everything they see or voice their opinions does not make them "weaker" or "less than"...these attachments to how someone in their power is supposed to be seen/act/present themselves, are exactly the loops of lower consciousness that have now infused into the next harmonic if it has consumed the portal of aware of what we need to pull out of...release the stories...feel the energy grid...

Just because someone dresses up as a guru, wears beads, meditates, puts positive quotes out, shadow work techniques, and repeat the same old mantras and wise advice from departed ascended masters, does not make them a being who is versed in deep shadow release and alchemy.

They are using a certain "persona" they perceive in the astrals of how ascended masters are supposed to 'act' and look like, they start to feel the power of the energy, wisdom, guidance, and enlightenment codes--and it gets them high and hooked onto extreme bliss and chill...they start to merge with the astral...completely disconnected from the earthly terrains. Their seed of God consciousness, has merged with artificial intelligence--and this does not always create a positive hybridized advancement and outward personification...because the outward is not true to the self. It is "stolen" or "cloned" in a sense.../merged & laced with synthetic copy & paste codes.

(This is why sometimes when beings experience an awakening, they have this intense desire to grow their hair out/desire nomadic lifestyles/suddenly just want to walk around naked and not care about anything...a completely character change without even questioning if what is being desired and the essence coming through is truly own desire or incoming from projection of another. Most times it is both, and this is where discernment and stillness is required. It helps us release what is ours and what is attempting to infiltrate and hijack).

The codes, since not directly-sourced, but rather stolen/mimicked, create a synthetic blueprint which will now direct the flesh. (if one is truly intune with the energy behind words and persona, they can feel if someone is falsifying and hiding, or if someone is truly genuine and authentic with their inner work. I am not saying I have not struggled with this. I am only able to speak on things I have direct experience with, otherwise I would not. Which means I have been under these spells before as well). People who are always good-hearted and always tries to see the best in everyone, will most likely succumb to deceitful tactics of mimicked codes, they will not know they are being played by inorganic creations because they force themselves to "see the good" and may create excuses for justification. Key word is force.

When we see that we may have fallen into these traps, is where our self-forgiveness and innocence is being asked to be returned into our embodiment. This is the moment we truly face and learn the process of inner work, the intensities and depthness of consciousness modification and hacking, the moments where the heart seems to be filled with love and light for all beings, but the mind is simultaneously consumed with pure fire, violence and rage--it does not make sense to the human in does not...and at a certain point...we are all asked...will we surrender to the voice of heart...or surrender to the voice of mind...this is a personal choice.

What are the voices of the heart, and what are voices coming through our egoic constructs?

Are the actions we take and words we speak, awakening through Fear that exists behind our conscious mind, or truly awakening through the Soul Plane?

Within the moments we seek revenge, we desire karma retribution upon others, or wish badly upon others...exists the most potent lesson of all if one allows own self to see it, a valuable and priceless lesson that will bring the self towards meeting own highest version embodied in flesh...that is you. Our own self.

What you choose, is who you will see in the mirror.

There is not only one...or two roads...but three to choose...

1. To wish, desire, or seek revenge/retribution on them

2. To wish nothing for them

3. To wish for them to find peace & eternal love

Much Love,

Emily ~