20 min

Please pick any available time slot when booking, it will not affect your session. 

Starseed Tarot Activation Session. (Activation session for those who enjoy receiving energy work via Tarot). Check out my starseed activations on my YT.  You can choose an area of your life you wish to explore, or it'll be general, just let me know when you book. You will receive a 20 min unlisted link to view your private reading.

*** Recommended for newly awakened Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Guardians, Angel Guides, etc., beings interested in general guidance in the form of Tarot, or want an activation session via Tarot, this is for you. Messages are coded with high frequency messages directly from Source.

Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your reading. 

Upon booking, please add a message telling me about what area of your life you want to receive guidance on or it can be general. 

Not sure which area of your life you want to explore or receive guidance on? Send me an email so we can figure it out together: etconscioushealing@gmail.com or for any questions.

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