I-Kuan-Tao (Unity Consciousness)

It is well known that the Eastern culture (Oriental Asians--China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc) are more connected to source/prime creator/unity consciousness than any other place or any other people on this planet. This is not racist nor is this denying any other form of religion. This is simply the truth. Asians are predominantly more peaceful which is why Ronnie Chieng made his jokes on his Netflix Special. (Must Watch). I am not dismissing that there are ignorant Asian folks out there because there certainly are. I am speaking about CULTURE. You do not have to be any race to be apart of CULTURE. CULTURE invites all. You can be a white person or a black person and be a monk. You can be asian and be a criminal. I do not want this message to get misconstrued. 

In history, the doctrines/practices and ideologies that I-Kuan-Tao were attempting to teach were rooted with unity consciousness. However, because 'Elite' groups and high ranking individuals wanted power, control, status, these communities that practiced and spread messages directly from source--were easily tampered with by false light programming and the creation of false light and feel good la-dee-da spirituality.

The man who founded I-Kuan-Tao in Taiwan, risked his life by attempting to flee China and into Taiwan, in order to dedicate his life to being of service to source, to prime creator, and to God--to spread messages of unity consciousness. He--is a pure soul with pure intention--and I was blessed with the opportunity to meet him, as well as send him off to his next life at his passing. 

I-Kuan-Tao spread in many different areas, creating separation amongst community, distorting the truth of what is. I am here to bring back this knowledge, this history, and to teach the original way of being. 

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