Hey ya'll ~ And welcome to your Harmonic Embodiment Journey ~

Here we ride the waves of our struggles, inner battles, shadows, and at times, excruciating life experiences, to face our deepest wounds, subconscious beliefs, and deep seeds self-doubt that tend to hold us back from awakening the Flame of our Inner Spirit. We get so deep into the nitty gritty process of true transformation, healing, growth, and development, to ignite, spark, and return the true Essence of Humanity and Compassion that has been missing on this Planet for far too long. So if you Love love love doing your Shadow work, you have found yourself in the right place ~ 

With increased depression/exhaustion/anxiety/disease/suicide consuming this planet, is no time to turn a blind eye to this level of annihilation towards the Human Spirit. It is time to look deeply within and connect with our own inner Flame, Soul, and Melody, and open our own path towards living a mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling and abundant life. 

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* I am not a psychic and I do not channel spirits/ascended masters/etc., I work with the Three fold Founder Flame & Buddhic-Kuanyin consciousness structures to anchor in these foundational energies within so that they may be Krystallized through Pure Source & emulated by own unique soul-signature. All information provided are to further awaken inner-remembrance, self-reflection, insight, self-sourced sovereignty, and assist in anchoring in a deeper profound level of stillness + witness within own bio-field. Join me for a  ride through the earthly terrains ~ Sign up for my email list below and hop on board to join me on the Harmonic Embodiment Journey ! 

With Eternal Love,

Emily (etconscioushealing)