Moral of the Story Series

by etconscioushealing

I have 'story time' where I bring us into a fictional/false timeline and we witness what is going on. We go through the characters thoughts, actions, and interactions together. When the story ends, we will end up with our own conclusion / lesson / moral. Our own conclusion shows us where we within ourselves we need to take a closer look at, where we can dive deeper, and where we can further grow. (It just may not seem that obvious, which is why I am here).

*You can watch episode 1 here. These are similar to Free Webinars or Free Healing Sessions.

I always recommend watching the entire episode if you begin, because the entire story will contain message(s) that are divinely created for you. If we watch a movie halfway, we will only get half of what the movie is conveying. My 'Moral of the Story' Series as well as any content out there works this way. If we do not read/watch/listen to the entire message, we should NOT create a conclusion. 

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