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Energy Healing is a type of healing that focuses on an individual's energetic and auric field. Do you notice some days you feel exhausted, and other days you are way too energetic for no apparent reason? Or you are tired after hanging out with someone, but other times you aren't? There are also times when we can just 'sense' someone in the room? These are all ways you are sensing someone's ENERGY! *** This is because humans are energetic beings just like everything else on this planet. Energy Healing is essentially a massage for our energetic field. There are many types of energy healing such as crystal healing, acupuncture, pranic healing, quantum touch, theta healing, etc. And in order to get the best out of the energy healing experience, allow yourself to be open to the experience and not turn down the idea right away and be a skeptic! If you are already skeptic and resisting, there is no point in trying it for now.

*** Does energy healing work for everyone? I'm flat out going to say NO. And I will tell you why. Energy Healing is not going to be felt by everyone!!! Energy healing is a movement of one's quantum field--of what cannot be seen with the physical eye because human evolution is heading towards such immense expansion that we are slowly gaining senses that are beyond what we've known. (Hear/touch/smell/see/taste). So unless someone has achieved the stillness OR the WILLINGNESS for this type of healing modality to be felt and actually do its job...then it may not be for you. And just like one technique isn't going to be for everyone, energy healing works the same way. 

Throughout our bodies, we have these energy focal points, also known as chakras or auras, and sometimes due to life's circumstances, outer influences, and the environment in which we were raised, they can go out of balance and affect our emotional and mental well-being. When certain energies gather in one part of the body, it can cause emotional and physical instability and ultimately result in illness and disease because the energy doesn't know where to flow so it stays stagnant until the energy field can find a way to be restored to balance. Otherwise, the illness will manifest outwardly so it can tell you-- 'hey, your energy is out of whack, please restore back to balance! Receiving Energy Healing from an Energy Healer can better balance these fields within you and allow the individual receiving it to feel more:

  • Relaxed

  • Reduce stress

  • Aid in better sleep

  • Promote body's natural healing abilities

  • Lessen physical pain

  • Help energy flow where it needs to

  • Purge emotions to feel lighter

  • Helps connect us to our intuition

  • Releases toxins kept in body/energetic field

  • Clears the mind

  • AND much more!

This is just a very basic and surface level explanation on what energy healing is. If you are interested about learning more, you can Google much more information on all different types of healing modalities available to you. Energy Healing is becoming more and more well-known for it's natural benefits and so if you are a skeptic--well...hospitals are even beginning to implement these resources as a technique, working along-side today's traditional medicine technique to provide enhanced patient care!

(I used to work in Healthcare, but you can also research 'Reiki in hospitals' if you wish to learn more)!

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