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Hi, and welcome to etconscioushealing. 

I am a Timeline Reader, Re-coder, and Oracle. I am not a channeler or psychic. I do not do past-life regressions / healings because I have not been given the OK from Source to do that type of work.

I was granted the gift of the Oracle, as well as to be able to read into and re-code individual micro timelines to deliver prophetic messages directly from source for activation purposes. I also perform tarot activations and I am not your traditional tarot reader. I have been guided with specific instruction on how to read the cards in a very specific way to deliver messages.

A part of my purpose and mission is to add additional insight to the way tarot readings are perceived and utilized. To shift tarot reading in a quantum way, while also being very grounded and simple to understand.

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In 2015, Emily had an experience where she consciously witnessed her astral body leave her physical body. The astral being looked back and walked away from her. She woke up groggy, like she had just been out of an intense surgery, and also confused. She went through many intense moments between 2015 - 2019 to prepare her for her mission on this planet at this time and was initiated through a Spiritual Awakening/Dark Night of the Ego, where her astral body integrated back into her being, fully. Throughout this intense journey, she was able to see and learn how to retrieve all of the aspects of self that had been fragmented, to assist in bringing new modalities and New Earth codes to assist Mother Gaia in this current period of collective transformation into the Golden Age, the age of remembrance.

Birthing, a new way of being, or actually...returning to our natural state of being.

Remember, that the power has always been within, never without.

Check out the blog posts/Youtube to find some free tools that you can start using right away to begin shifting into higher states of awareness, to begin remembering more of self and your own connection to source through your own experience.

Much Love, 

xoxo Emily

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