Hi, and welcome to etconscioushealing. 

I am a Quantum Activator + Ascension Guide + Oracle + Clairsentient + Clairaudient + Reiki/Energy Healer. I de-code and deliver prophetic messages directly from source for activation purposes. All of the work I do is to prepare the collective for the Divine Sacred Union Template through first activating our Hieros Gamos (Union of Self) Template, which all lead to the Ultimate Divine Family Template.


My mission is to bring the collective into a deeper state of Gratitude + Understanding of this Physical Reality because the Dark Malevolent Forces on this planet are stronger than ever. Through going deeper with our gratitude, compassion, and understanding--we train our own Light to stay shining no matter how dark the dark wishes to get. Just like training a muscle. 


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Remember, that the power has always been within, never without.

Check out the blog posts/Youtube to find some free tools that you can start using right away to begin shifting into higher states of awareness, to begin remembering more of self and your own connection to source through your own experience. To discover your own mission and purpose.

Much Love, 

xoxo Emily

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