Ascension refers to the journey of individually and collectively embodying unity consciousness in its entirety. This process utilizes 3D mind-heart consciousness to neutralize darker energies held within, and alchemizes them through an intense purge and purify process. After the purge and purify process, the alchemized essence integrates directly with the physical vessel which further activates our DNA to begin the transition to our light-body, decreasing physical density, so we can embody this pure energy (Eternal essence), to consciously exist in the physical plane of existence and experience life beyond the normal five senses. This process is not an overnight process and can be extremely exhausting and emotionally demanding. To go through this process, your higher-self will ensure you are prepared for the journey and there will be no shortcuts for anyone.

The only way out, is through. 

 My mission is to support and guide beings who may be just starting out on the ascension path, on the ascension path, and those who wish to learn more about this path, to share what she has learnt and witnessed, and help shift fragmented consciousness into eternal consciousness--where all fragmented pieces of consciousness converge and emerge as one.

Complete and total surrendering to what is...the re-evolution.

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