Field Clearing
1 hr

1 Hour Session. We will re-calibrate + stabilize your field so darker entities cannot penetrate your field & siphon your divine essence--these energies leave us drained, exhausted, and confused.

*** Recommended for someone who has been on this ascension journey for some time and have been doing the work, but just need a simple energy clearing from debris, static and miasmatic energy. If you're feeling connected one day and disconnected the next, a lot of bouncy energy or inability to discern Spirit clearly--let's clear this up in this container together!

Hieros Gamos Activation
1 hr

1 Hour Session. Hieros Gamos Template Activation. In this session, we will bring to light the darker energies that are keeping you stagnant within your field so we can alchemize them together in this one hour container. 

This will activate more of your 12 strand coded DNA +

Unique Soul Blueprint which is necessary prior to Divine Sacred Union (Physical).

*** Recommended for someone who is stuck in doing shadow work and not seeing a tangible shift despite doing the work day in and day out. Make the real Shift with me!

Astral Cord Removal
1 hr

1 Hour Session. Removal of Astral Cord. Many beings who have or are astral projecting--are coming back with attached negative entities in their field + a loss of soul essence. Removal of the cord will not remove one's ability to astral project--but will give one the necessary tools in order to astral project safely.

*** Recommended for someone who experiences many OBEs or tries to induce OBE's with no immediate shift/effect/benefit from doing so.

(You will receive a link for a Zoom Session).

If the available times listed do not work for you, please email: to schedule. Much Love, ET.

I work in EST time.

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