Learning how to flow with the constant waves is how we become

the story master of our journey ~

Welcome ✨ Glad to have you here throughout your journey. I am here to provide guidance, information, and knowledge about the Ascension process for beings who have hit a block with both inner/understanding their Ascension, especially with their Divine Unions + Family Templates, as I am sure many have experienced these hardships during the Awakening journey.

I work with the ThreeFold Founder Flame [Eternal Father + Mother + Holy Spirit] to bring to awareness sub/unconscious entanglements that have accumulated within our four bodies, (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual/light bodies) with different elementals of life. If this information is resonating and awakening remembrance within you, you are invited to join me on this journey. 

If you are experiencing confusion, facing blocks, drained from your Awakening journey, read my posts/check out my YT channel/book a session with me to clear whatever is blocking you from connecting with your own inner source and truth.

I flat out say I am NOT a PSYCHIC and do not ever intend to imply I am one. I do not align with being psychic. All sessions/readings/activations provided are to bring inner-remembrance, insight, and tools for unlocking your own Self-Sourced codes and revelations, and are based through my own self-lived experience of many dark nights of the Soul/Ego.


* Please familiarize yourself with the types of codes I bring forth by checking out my Youtube channel and/or Journal Posts prior to booking any type of session with me. 

With Eternal Love,

Emily (etconscioushealing)


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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