Come take a Deep Dive to find some Beauty within all the Madness ~

Hello and welcome to your Harmonic Embodiment Journey~ Here we ride the waves of our struggles, inner battles, shadows, and at times, excruciating life experiences, to face our deepest wounds that tend to hold us back from awakening the Flame of our Inner Spirit. We get so deep in the nitty gritty process of true transformation, healing, growth, and development, to ignite and spark the Essence of Humanity and Compassion that has been missing on this Planet for far too long. With increased depression/exhaustion/anxiety/disease/suicide consuming this planet, is no time to turn a blind eye to this level of annihilation towards the Human Spirit. It is time to look deeply within our own selves, and truly participate in grounding our missions/visions/purposes, to rearchitect fallen collective structures that are no long supporting organic Human Intelligence and way of Being.

Grateful for all those who have been with me on my journey thus far, and have watched and seen many versions of me through my own processes and integrations, and will continue along with me as I, too, continue to shift ~ 🧡 

* Please familiarize yourself with the types of codes I bring forth by checking out my Youtube channel and/or Article & Updates prior to booking any type of session with me. 

With Eternal Love,

Emily (etconscioushealing)

*I do not work with archangels/spirits/ascended masters/astral nonsense/outdated teachings and I am NOT a psychic. More of an energetic translator. I work mainly with the Kuan-Yin&Buddhic Blueprints, to anchor in these foundational energies within so that they may be Krystallized through Pure Source & emulated by own unique soul-signature. All sessions/readings/activations/guidance provided are to further awaken inner-remembrance, self-reflection, insight, self-sourced sovereignty, and assist in anchoring in a deeper profound level of stillness + witness within own being. 


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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