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I am a Certified Quantum Activator + Oracle + Plasmic Light Reiki Healer. I work with the [Eternal Father + Eternal Mother + Holy Spirit] to bring forth potent messages + energies that are able to create shifts in self-embodiment. After being heavily infiltrated and attacked by darker entities + AI Mind Control, I learnt how to pull myself out of the False Light Grid System + have been doing the work on myself since 2015 in order to create the shifts in self-embodiment that I wanted for myself. After my own personal Awakening beginning of 2019, I was deeply infiltrated once again, this time--in all aspects of my multidimensional self at once.

Whether you are a Starseed/Lightworker or not, or just struggling with an intense Awakening, having confusion about Life/Partnership/Mission/etc., wondering how to improve the Self in general, or need a simple energetic clearing--you are invited to stay and ride this journey out along with me and other amazing beings. 

With Eternal Love,

etconscioushealing (Emily)

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