Hey ya'll ~ And welcome to your Harmonic Embodiment Journey ~

Here we bring understanding to the core foundational structures that we have relied on for dear life that are no longer supporting our journey in a fruitful way, that which may be creating more harm within us than deeper worth and value in our life. We dig deep into our shadow self dismantling any egoic architecture that is being asked to be knocked down in order to flow more deeply and effortlessly with Love whether that is Love for self, for family, or with your partner, or your chosen mission and purpose ~ 

* Please understand Harmonic Embodiment is a Medicine journey and embarking on this journey will entail moments of mental/emotional purges which may lead to physical purges for some (not all). This journey is an internal system re-set and re-code and will strip you of all that you have found comfortability with in your life and are finally ready to take your embodiment to the next level. This is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart. In a session with me I will call out all of your shadows and templates so that we may alchemize that into personal sovereignty and return you back to homeostasis through the will of the Eternal Living Light of Source activating own soul-signature strands.

*** I need you to understand what you are getting into before you decide to hop on. I am not up for doing sessions with just anyone and I will absolutely scan your field to see if you are ready for the codes I provide or point you in a more aligned direction. If not ready for 1:1 session, you can opt for a personal tarot reading which is a way lighter dosage as compared to 1:1 *** Email me for any questions.

*** You will know if this is for you and what it is I offer ***

Harmonic Embodiment 1:1

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* I am not a psychic and I do not channel spirits/ascended masters/etc., I work with the Three fold Founder Flame & Buddhic-Kuanyin consciousness structures to anchor in these foundational energies within so that they may be merged and Krystallized through Pure Source & emulated by own unique soul-signature. All information provided are to further awaken inner-remembrance, self-reflection, & self-sourced sovereignty, please use as spiritual guidance and take what truly resonates at the core of your being. Trust your intuition to where it has led you and will ever lead you always and foremost. 

With Eternal Love,

Emily (etconscioushealing)