Dissolving ancestral trauma & linkages that create attachments and addictions to the pain-body. This is anywhere we are seeking pleasure in pain or needing to create validations for own inner/outer pain for survival. This is anytime we use pain/heartbreak/devastation/stress as a potion for a deeper layer of motivation and confidence. This is a type of inner self harming and infects our personal relationship with self and relations with others that which creates incoherencies between female & male principles and is why the pond of "unconditional love" and "freedom" that we seek for on this planet is seemingly drought. Harmonic Embodiment is a journey of facing our own addictions to our pain-body & is a ride that is extremely mentally and emotionally excruciating. It is a tough process to choose to face our deepest mirrors of hidden truths and still choosing to hold own self through the waves than to abandon own Heart and Soul for the sake of the rest of the world's "approval." 

* Please understand Harmonic Embodiment is a Medicine journey and embarking on this journey will entail moments of mental/emotional purges which may lead to physical purges. This journey is an internal system re-set and re-code and will strip you of all that you have found comfortability with in your life and are finally ready to take your embodiment to the next level and activate multidimensional purified intimacy that is the source of the pond. This is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart + disorganized psyche. In a session with me, we will take full accountability of all hidden truths and shadows, the ones hiding in our blindspots or lurking in our closets like a pesky little bug with so much power so that we may drop the density fully from the body to integrate and crystallize deeper unique key codes, access a greater light template, &  alchemize all into direct personal sovereignty to return you back to own rhythmic homeostasis through the will of the Eternal Living Light of Source where all of my words and work are directed through.

* I need anyone who chooses to stay on this journey, whether you are serious or you are simply lurking to understand what you are getting yourself into before you decide to hop on. This is not a joke. You will witness self having reality shifts and feeling need to let go of some things or re-evaluate people, situations, experiences, and choices in your life.  

I am not up for doing 1:1 mirrors with anyone and everyone and I will scan your field to see if you are ready for the codes I am able to provide or so I will point you in a more aligned direction.


*If you wish to book a Free 15 min consult, you can do so by emailing me at etconscioushealing@gmail.com 


* Email me for any questions & concerns. 

* You will know if this is for you and what it is I offer * 

Harmonic Embodiment 1:1

* I am not a psychic nor do I channel spirits/ascended masters/etc., I do multidimensional reflectory work through the Eternal Living Light Source that which all my words and work are sourced through. Seeing the darkness inside of ourselves is not an easy thing to do--that is why people like to "merge" with their darkness rather than seeing it for what it really is and choose the inner work of transmutation of energy.

If you are ready to step into a transformed reality,

you'll have to start making new choices & try things that

pushes the self out of own comfort zone.

With Eternal Love,

Emily (etconscioushealing)